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Plastic woodworks

Entrance doors

Interior doors made ​​of PVC due to multiple-section and double sealing achieve excellent sound insulation. Feel free to "unscrew" the music as far as the walls afford.

Your premises are safe because the doors are installed shackles with lock in five points.
You can choose between a full or doors with glass. Also available to you is a multitude of colors, and you can choose the one that matches with your interior

PVC windows

Our PVC windows are still the most common choice when it comes to residential buildings and family houses. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation are the main features of PVC windows and doors. Window PVC is very strong thanks to steel liners, and choosing the right fittings will secure from unwanted visits. The windows in the colors according to RAL can produce a profile of which are covered with acrylic glass. Thanks to this technology much less sunlight heats profile. A layer of acrylic is thick a few millimeters and is very resistant to mechanical shock. These kind of PVC windows do not change its properties and color after decades of exposure to atmospheric conditions.

PVC sliding walls

With built-in PVC sliding windows and balcony doors we avoid dead space in the room or on the patio that creates classic tilt wing.
You can always keep open your sliding door leaf as much as you want without fear that the wind will shut it close or that you'll hurt yourself on the edge of the wing.
This system is capable of opening and closing the balcony and loggia.
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