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Aluminium hardware

Entrance doors

In the modern building industry in recent years, there have been significant increases in the requirements for durability and stability of the materials used. This is particularly reflected in the elements of which are dynamically daily burden. Therefore, the front door as an element that is used dozens of times a day, is a point on which we should pay particular attention while choosing. Aluminum alloy as the material of low specific weight and high strength is ideal for producing the front door. Winger for aluminum door has a small weight in relation to the wing of the classic material. This contributes not only to rest lightly handling the doors opening and closing, but also dynamic parts of the door (hinge) exposed to less load. Whether it is essential thermal and acoustic insulation, or you want a real security door, we at ALPAMM are ready to respond to your request. We are aware that the door is "calling card" of the house. In consultation with you we will design a unique door for your home.

Interior partitions

When designing modern office spaces (banks, technical offices, government institutions) architects today do not ignore the fact that this is a space where people spend almost a third of the day. It is known that the feeling of isolation what we have in classical masonry office reduces operating efficiency and concentration and accelerates fatigue.
Office made ​​of aluminum bulkheads separate acoustically but visually link space and employees. Of course built-in venetian blinds can always preserve your privacy. Significantly higher living brightness save energy. This is good both from both economical and ecological aspect. Visual connectivity contributes to better human relationships and staff are much happier to perform their daily tasks. Space here displays its size and light, and the employees are much easier to communicate.

Aluminium blinds and shutters

Windows with aluminum sunbreakers design object viewed from the outside give a dose of avant-garde and elegance. Sunbreakers fixed or movable in combination with one of ALPAMM's facade can be an old brick building converted into a real urban office building. Besides the aesthetic qualities of sunbreaker let's not forget their main, practical purpose. Protection from direct sun rays significantly reduces space heating, air conditioners work less and all that can be seen in electricity savings. It is also easier for you to arrange the furniture in your room. You can enjoy or work in a naturally sunny room and the sunlight cannot dazzle your TV device or monitor.

Aluminium windows

Catering, commercial building or craft store: We at ALPAMM-in will always find the right solution for you. A well-designed showcase attracts more potential buyers to visit you.

Folding doors

By opening the sliding door, your patio or even the living room will be fully connected to the garden. Between the rooms and the garden even you do will not mind either of the poles. Carpet and grass are almost touching. During the cold months, your patio turns into a real winter garden from whose heat you can enjoy the idyllic winter environment.

Aluminium windows

A wide array of systems for the production of aluminum hardware opens up the possibility to fulfill your every desire when it comes to the windows of aluminum. Whether you are building a house or apartment restore, in ALPAMM-in, you will find the right solution for your home when windows are concerned. Aluminium windows characterized by low weight and excellent sound and thermal insulation thanks to the thermal break and sealed in several lines. Such a window is equipped with low-e thermal glass heat loss which is reduced to a minimum and thus saves energy.
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