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Curtain walling

Modern architectural trends of today are the most prominent in the design of large business and shopping centers, banks and similar facilities. Streets that penetrate through the "gallery" of aluminum curtain walls are the most striking line in the face of modern business centers of European cities.
The walls of these mighty edifices connect you with the outer space, while at the same time prevent the view inside the building from the street.
Modern systems aluminum facade, open architects the possibility to create completely free their works. Each "incorrect line" withdrawn from the architectural studio, for us in ALPAMM gives pleasure and a challenge to be "carried out" in space.


Neki od najnovijih objekata u Sarajevu, a koji su svoj vanjski izgled povjerili upravo nama, koriste fasadu od trespe.

Glass facades

Our years of experience in designing and installing glass facades use many of the major trading centers.

Spider facades

Spider facades fall into another trend for large-scale facilities and ALPAMM is here leading in the design, manufacture and installation ..

Semistructural facades

Even in this embodiment we have the most experience in our region.
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