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About us

Enterprise ALPAMM d.o.o. Tuzla was founded 1984. From then until today, in accordance to the needs of Bosnian and Herzegovina market, ALPAMM expands the range of products and services.
Today we're considered as the leading company in making aluminum construction joinery.
Customer confidence justifies the quality and completion date of the works.
ALPAMM constantly invests significant funds for the purchase of modern equipment, extending the IT network, in all aspects of the work progress, introducing new technologies, CAD-CAM systems and CNC machines.
Through constant training, and training of employees to global trends, we guarantee the quality and significant progress in the competition.

Our original designs, engineering, modern equipment and machines, and continuing education, are our advantages in the free market.

NLB Independent Auditors

Raiffeisen Bank dd Sarajevo

Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank dd Mostar

VAT number: 209025070004
VAT number: 03000541
Number of solutions: U / I-2471/91, U / I-244/02, U / I-1557/05

A socially responsible company

From the very beginning of company development, we have taken into account responsibility towards the environment in which we (Alpamm) are located. Many of our workers are from the village in which the company is created. The first great human projects were: White mosque Slavinovići - complete hardware and locksmith jobs, then paving and street lights to the graveyard in Slavinovići in collaboration with some other companies, permanent housing assistance for our employees, and many smaller individual humanitarian actions, were perpetrated by Alpamm Ltd. a socially responsible company.

Sports and society
Since the beginning of the company, Alpamm has sponsored a number of sports associations - what has become known for the swimming club 'DRAGON ALPAMM" which won many medals, then the football club" style "Tuzla, and lately, Alpamm had a part in forming the cycling club" Triland "Sarajevo and the basketball club "Triland" Sarajevo.
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